Friday, May 23, 2008

First Cellphone Watch with a Camera is Still a Cellphone Watch

There ain't nothing cooler than really intense watches. Take this ridiculous cellphone watch, for example. At over a half an inch thick, it's certainly large, and it contains way more inside than you'd want in a watch. That includes an unlocked GSM cellphone with a 1.3-touchscreen, a stylus for operating said touchscreen, an MP3 player, 2GB microSD support and Bluetooth. But wait! It also has a 1.3MP digital camera built in, a first for the illustrious category of cellphone watches! You'd better buy one right now! Or, you could just carry around a good cellphone and not weigh one side of your body down with something this ridiculous. It's your call.


Monday, May 19, 2008

MP4 Watch Strikes Again, No Longer Players MP4

i love gadgets, they always surprise me. have u seen the movie Juno? young people are getting crazy with that hamburger phone.

Now, another gadget comes out... i have seen this "MP4 Watch" before...though it looked a little different. i noticed the original about a year ago, and then an update not so long after. Now here is the latest version of the wristwatch - the stuff Chinese OEM dreams are made of. An $60, 4GB mp4 watch, it can play back pictures (JPEG, BMP), music (MP3, WMA), and movies (MPEG4)...wait...what? This newest MP4 Watch doesn't play sweet, modern MPEG4 compressed movies like its predecessors? No, actually it plays a file extension called MTV.

MTV or .mtv is an MPEG video derivative that manufacturers have implemented to avoid licensing fees associated with MPEG4. And just swapping the extension won't do the trick—you have to send all your video through their conversion program.

So while this watch can read ebooks, record voice, and even display your song lyrics, the older iterations could at least handle the real codecs. What can we say? Really a cool gadget.

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