Friday, October 30, 2009

Magic Laser Hair Vitalizer Massager

The Hair Vitalizer Massager is a revolutionary non-evasive answer to hair loss. This innovative tool was created to massage the scalp while 9 lasers invigorate each hair follicle for stronger, thicker hair. This FDA approved treatment is ideal for those who need to battle hair loss and those who want to strengthen their existing hair. Available for $110.69 at

Screaming and Flashing Skull Straw

This Screaming Skull Straw is really fun and is guaranteed to make you jump the first time you use it! Each time you take a sip from this twister straw the skull is brought to life, with his eyes and mouth flashing bright red, accompanied by a monstrous scream! Perfect for Halloween parties and prizes, the Skull Straw will get everyone in the spooky spirit!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hidden Camera in a Wall Socket Makes Us Nervous

Who the hell is going to notice this wall socket is actually a spy camera?! This is the most stealth spy gadget I have ever seen.

This Wall Socket Spy Camera is voice-activated. Once the voices nearby reache 65db, it’ll be automatically activated and start recording video of the surrounding continuously for 5 minutes. With this spy gadget, you can watch everyone like a ninja without being notice.

Via Techchee

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cute Flip Flop USB Drive

Although summer has ended. But carrying one of these Flip-flop USB drives around, shall always get your summer mood back. The Flip-flop USB drive comes in bright color, which always reminds you wearing a pair of flip-flops, strolling with your loved one, on the hot summer beach.

The Flip Flop USB drive comes with 4GB storage capacity which is more than sufficient to store all the photos you’ve taken with your sweet ones during last summer. Yours for $12.69.

Via Techchee

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Versatile Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

There is a lot of technology in that headline and I think I’ve figured it out. The Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter connects to your car stereo via FM transmission. The nifty bit is the range of inputs it can accept. First it will connect to your bluetooth enabled phone for use as a handsfree, presumably there’s a microphone somewhere. It will also accept the A2DP Bluetooth profile so you can stream stereo from your phone to the car stereo. Next, it has an SD card slot so you can stream your MP3s through your car stereo via the FM transmitter or play music via a USB flash drive. If all that’s not enough there’s even a ye olde 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo connection to your MP3 player. It’s all powered via the cigarette lighter socket and there’s a remote control. Now all you need is some space on the FM band and you’re sweet.

This Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter can be yours for US$51.69.

Via Redferret

Cute Handbag 4GB USB Drive

Check out this cute little handbag made from rubber. It won’t fit your treasury but inside you’ve found one 4GB flash drive ready for you to stuff your important data. The cap of the USB drive is actually connected with the body so you can safely remove it without worrying to lost the cap. Looks so cute and chic. Geeky Lady might love to get one of this.

The Handbag USB Drive is available for $16.69 at

Source: HardwareSphere

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ladybird Tripod Webcam with Night Vision and Mic

If you’d love to web-cam with your friends in a dimmer environment, you should have a webcam that comes with night vision support which allows your friend to see you in the dark.

Here comes a cute webcam shaped like a LadyBird, and it claims a 1.3 megapixel sensor, a microphone and 7 “fog” LEDs night vision into its bug body. Some more it comes with a tripod to support the stability and balance, which allows you to even perform your dance and lovely moves in front of the webcam for your friends.

LadyBird Webcam via Askalexia

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unique Flower Design Lady Handbag

Ladies Tote Bag
is the major women’s accessories of today’s fashion trend. Most ladies are searching for the latest handbags to accessorize their wardrobes. It is like a diamond, the trendy handbag is the first accessory that comes to women’s mind. They will think of getting the most stylish handbags before everything else.

This flower handbag is very special in design and it is made of high qualiy silk. Available for $13.69 at

Weird USB Bird Webcam with Speaker

For the bird lovers, a bird-shaped USB webcam will bring your webcaming to a whole new level, telling the whole world you love birds.

This unique bird-shaped webcam features a 3.0 mega pixel sensor hidden in its mouth, and it doubles as speaker which you can blast your tunes along. The speakers are the two wings of the bird, which can be folded up and unfolded depending on your needs. All yours for only $15.69.

Uxsight via Askalexia

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cute Pink Heart 4 Port USB hub

Here in the states, everyone is looking at Halloween quickly approaching. A few weeks later, the big ‘ol turkey strolls by with Christmas soon after. While Valentines day is still several months and holidays away, why wait to get your special someone the perfect gift? If you happen to be one of the lucky men out there with a geeky female significant other, the USB Heart Hub may be the perfect gift.

What better way to share your geeky, romantic bond than with a pink, plastic heart? Heck, at $6.99 you can be romantic and thrifty.

USB Heart Hub via Gadgetsteria

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Death Grim Reaper USB Speakers

Want to bring a bit of Halloween flair to your desktop this year? Tired of listening to music through those tiny speakers on your computer and instead want to pick up something with a tad more oomph? Look no further than these cool Grim Reaper Speakers.

While in reality they won’t be that much of a bump when audio quality is concerned as their peak output is a rather paltry 2.5 watts, the design is the real kicker. Don’t think Halloween is the only time you can gift the kiss of death as these would make pretty good stocking stuffers for those who like to be a tad different.

Grim Reaper USB Speakers via Gadgetsteria