Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Four Eyed Drunken Sailor Bottle Opener

How can you tell you are drunk before the first beer? Well, if you see four eyes on a man’s face on your bottle opener.

This Four Eyed Drunken Sailor Bottle Opener might be the weirdest one I have ever seen. At a price tag of $11.69, it is a great laugh and it will add a permanent sense of humor to your barren wall. But you have to wait if you want to buy one, since it is currently sold out.

Cute Doggy Webcam Helpfully Holds Pens

What do you look for in a webcam? Highest number of mega pixels? Flexible stand? Motion detection? Pah! Forget those, and go for something cuddlier. After all who wants a clear picture when you can have a pen holder instead. Yes, a pen holder. Held by a doggy. A cuddly doggy. With a camera stuffed in there somewhere. Perfect. You do have to pay for this though. Hmm.

Uxsight ($16.69) via Livbit

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pink Bear iPhone Case

We have seen the Chicken iPhone Case before, here is another cute iPhone / iPhone 3G Case - the Pink Bear iPhone Case.

This pink bear case is made of double layers of felt. It is designed for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch or iPod Classic (Video). Also great for other cell phone, digital camera, GPS etc with similar size. Available for $25 at