Monday, June 29, 2009

Night Reflective Dog Life Vest

The Dog Life Vest is a high performance floatation device for your dog, providing maximum protection in and near the water. There is an assistance handle on the top for easy rescue by hand or boat hook. The dog life vest is easy to put on and take off (even while wet) and is made to withstand rough water conditions, and to resist wear and tear. Also a perfect accessory for your puppy's swimming lessons.

Dog Life Vest

Color Changing LED Ice Bucket with Remote Control

There are already plenty of forms of garden lighting, but now even your ice bucket can add a little mood lighting. After all, why shouldn’t an ice bucket add to the atmosphere too? Alright, so it is a little on the cheesy side of things. However, it’s really no worse than a majority of the lights you find for sale that are meant to be outdoors in your garden area. Plus, this does have a lot of customization features, so you can play down the cheesy factor.

It allows for you to change the color tone, the speed it changes colors and how brightly it shines. So you can dim the lights at strategic points throughout the night. It’s made of plastic and uses LED lights to give you the glow you see here. It will work indoors or outdoors and is fully rechargeable. To charge it back up again, just hook it up to the AC power adapter. The ice bucket comes with a remote control and can be purchased for $67.69.

LED Ice Bucket via Coolest-gadgets via GeekAlerts

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Palm-sized Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

Here is a unique Palm-sized 83 key Bluetooth Keyboard which would be consider perfect for the road. This Mini Bluetooth Keyboard will work with your Desktop PC, Laptops and also PDA and Cellphones.

The keyboard is very lightweight and weighs only 147g and measures only 13.9 x 7 x 1.3cm. It sure beats the conventional, clunky, wired keyboard, enables you to type away cordless from the PC. The Mini bluetooth Keyboard is powered by 2 AAA battery and is being retailed for $40.69 over at Uxsight.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard via Loopygadgets

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink Notebook Cooler Ball

It is so rare to see a proper pair of notebook feet anymore. Folks just don’t go out of their way to add a little something special to your Dell or HP a la the old fashioned toilet paper cozy or the tissue box needlework thingie. Well, UXsight knows how to add that special something to your netbook with their mini-ball shape laptop cooler.

Adjust to new comfort sitting positions. I know, right? Poetry. Only $5.69.

Pink Notebook Cooler Ball via Crunchgear

Friday, June 19, 2009

Novel Metal Red LED Men Watch

The Metal Red LED Watch is a magnet of envy and attention. With its super bright LED's, it is an eye-catcher anywhere you go. It looks nothing like a watch, but is in fact really easy to use once you've gone through the short instruction. A perfect gift idea for men.

This Metal Red LED Watch is available for $21.69 at - a leading online store of Ladies' Watches, Men's Watches and Boys & Girls Watches.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Personal Anti-lost Alarm Helps Find Missing Valuable Things

The Personal Anti-Lost alarm is a handy gadget that prevents you from losing your valuable things. The gadget comes with a transmitter and a receiver. Attach the transmitter onto the object of your affection, such as your pet, cellphone or even your GF. And have the keychain-like receiver in your hands or bag.

When the object is missing or just a couple of steps away from you, the transmitter will then turn on and alert the receiver, which then allows you to locate the object immediately. You can set a suitable alarm-triggering distance from 1m to 20m. This little device carries a price tag of $9.70, which is definitely worth of investment to ensure you won't lose your valuable things again.

Personal Anti-Lost alarm via Techchee

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crazy Looking Fruit Shaped Webcams

These latest weird gizmos are actually very weird. Basically, these products are designed for people who likes head turning gadgets which makes their working desk different from other colleagues. These weird fruits usb webcams come in a variety of flavors including Watermelon, Apple, and Pear. Personally, I like Watermelon. Which is your favorite?

[Watermelon USB Webcam]
[Apple USB Webcam]
[Pear USB Webcam]

PClaunches via GadgetSight

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

USB Numeric Keypad with Spacebar

If you type in numbers into your computer all day long than surely you can appreciate having a separate numeric keypad. Having a separate number pad allows you to position it on your desk for optimal comfort while you go about your data entry heavy job.

Most keypads have a few extra keys on there besides just the 10 numbers- typically there will be an enter key and a few calculating keys as well. It’s unusual to see a keypad like this one with a handy spacebar tacked on to the bottom. If you need to enter sequences of numbers separated by a space, this could be exceptionally useful for your job (or for fun, if you enter numbers in all day long for fun like me).

It’s powered by USB and costs a smidgen under $10.

USB Numeric Keypad via craziestgadgets