Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 10 Weird Mice

Here’s a collection of 10 cool mouse designs, which I believe are worth checking out. Some of them were selected for their unusual features, but most of them took a rank in this post because of their cool, original, or just weird looks. All the concepts exposed here are already on the market, although you won’t find any of them in a regular computer shop.

10.Breast Mouse

Yes, let’s all click, click and click some more! I’m not even going to talk about any technical features this Breast Mouse might have. I think I’d feel like holding a little genie babe in my palm, ready to fulfill all my wishes. I wonder how a keyboard in a similar shape would look like.

9. Ghost Mouse
First thing that we think of when seeing this Ghost Mouse is that silly mask from ‘Scary Movie’, isn’t it? Well, this little device would make an ideal Halloween gift, that’s for sure. It has 3 buttons, a scroll wheel, and hopefully, both right and left-handed people can use it. But I’m sure the ones that buy it are not as interested in the features, as they are in its design.

8.Furnace Mouse

Steampunk Furnace Mouse is made to resemble a furnace. It is covered with pipes, and under them are coal and orange LEDs, to look like hot coals at night. Its scroll wheel and buttons remind of a barrow’s wheel and two shovels. The unique design already attracted many fans, and a second version is on its way.

7.Piggy Mouse

From no angle it looks like a mouse, but don't let its weird design fool you. Basically, if you have a thing for poking people in the eye, this pig-faced USB Mouse is perfect for you. It comes with two unique big eyeballs for RIGHT and LEFT click.

6.Kinniku Mouse

This mouse is supposed to give you a massage after a long day at work, or if you’re just tired. The device, called the Kinniku Mouse, comes with two electrodes to stick on your back that send shocks to your muscles. It has buttons on its left side, to control the intensity of the zaps, but be careful not to take the turkey’s place on the table on the Thanksgiving Day.

5. Aircraft Mouse

This USB Aircraft Mouse is an awesome addition to a plane lovers desk. The aircraft design also makes the mouse an ergonomic joy, though a little too chunky for some people. It’s probably not the kind of mouse you want to pack in a laptop case.

4. City and Village Mouse

What first looks like an irregular-shaped rock, turns out to be an ergonomic mouse. The City and Village Mouse Mouse allows us to manipulate two and three dimensional objects in the virtual space. More than that, its sensors rely on our instinctual knowledge about moving the objects in the real world. It’s definitely very different from a regular mouse, but it gives the users a more natural perspective on moving the objects from a screen.

3.Basketball Mouse
A little something for the fans of basketball inspired gadgets - the Wireless Basketball Mouse. It features a resolution of 800 dpi. There is also a football editon available.

2.Space Explorer Mouse

The Space Explorer Mouse allows users to to twist, pan, zoom in or spin, giving the users a 3D navigational experience. It should take you several hours before getting used to it, but after that, you’ll use it in a pretty intuitive manner. If you decide to switch over to this mouse, it will surely save you lots of clicks and looks cool too.


Chinese company Hanwang created this T&Mouse that steps out of the line through a tablet carved in its center. Until now, if you wanted to send a signed contract to someone from the other end of the world, you used a fax, as you couldn’t make your signature in Paint, drawing with a regular mouse. This feature enables you to do just that, but instead, you’ll sign on top of it, as usual, with a special pen.

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