Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and for many, it is a stressful time trying to pick the perfect gift for their girlfriend, wife or other loved one. In order to try and filter out the many choices, and instead of the regular Hallmark cards or bouquet of roses, we have gathered a list of 10 cool Valentine gift ideas for women.

The Red Lips Phone is a great way to remind your loved one of the Valentine’s Day gift every time they answer the phone. It is easy to smile as well when such red lips are always puckered up towards you when you hear the phone ring.

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With so many USB Gadgets surrounding us daily, why not have one that is both practical and shows her that you love her? The Heart Necklace is a heart shaped USB necklace that includes 4GB of storage, which is more than enough for your photos, home movies, favorite music and she could never say it is not enough.

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This additional heart USB flash drive has additional storage (8GB) in case 4 would not be enough, plus it adds a little extra Bling Bling, so it gathers attention of bystanders as well.

The Red Zune may not be made specifically for Valentine’s Day, but it is still a wonderful gift that is colored just like a wonderful lovely rose. It has 120 GB of storage, so you could upload plenty of music, complete movies (plenty of movies) and is a great player to use and enjoy when the two of you are away, or to drown out the other in difficult times.

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Illuminated Clothing will always get the crowd’s attention, and these bright and lit dresses and tops from Enlighted provide a huge selection to choose from: some are just lit, some flash, and some custom ones can even have a short text message appear with a loving note of your choice.


The I-Dog Dance is a great alternative to having a real puppy to fulfill her dreams. It is cute, clean, and plays your favorite music by your MP3 player plugging in. In addition, if you put its nose close to a speaker playing some music, you can see it boogie down and make your girl say ‘how cute’.

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A Couple’s Heart MP3 Player is a step up from the old two piece heart necklace many wore as kids. This music player is actually two separate MP3 players that when put together make a full heart. This is a way to listen to different music but still be together.

The Pink iPod Nano is both compact and pretty in pink. It has 8Gb storage to play music and videos and is cool enough to make your girlfriend more than happy this Valentine’s Day.

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Your girlfriend probably already has an iPhone 3G, but does she have an exclusive Valentine’s Day pink case? This hot pink case is made perfect for a Diva and shines with presence and color. It is available for the original iPhone as well and will sure be a unique case which is different than the rest.

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The Lumigram Glowing Heart Pillow is both a cool gadget and will make your girlfriend’s heart glow this Valentine’s Day. It is made with fiber optics and is bright red…just perfect for this lover’s holiday.


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