Friday, September 11, 2009

Mini Motorcycle Helmet USB humidifier

Keeping a humidifier on your work desk is essential to keep the surrounding air fresh and it’s good for your skin, eyes, lips, providing them with sufficient wetness during dry seasons. The best humidifier for those who always work in front of the computer is one that plugs into the computer’s USB port for its power.

If you’re a rider, you will definitely love this motorcycle helmet shaped USB humidifier. But it may give you little distraction of your work, bringing your heart to a ride instead of on your work. The portable helmet-shaped humidifier can also be powered by three AA batteries, handy for continuing to keep your surrounding with sufficient humidity when you’ve decided to carry it with you for the run. There is also a small LED light inside the mask which illuminates when the gadget is operating.

Motorcycle Helmet USB humidifier via Techchee

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